The "creme del la creme" of Florida blossoms is our Tupelo honey. Tested for authenticity and only from the white tupelo tree this variety is a favorite among collectors, novices and diabetics(check your doctor) alike. Due to its high fructose content this honey won't crystalize and processes into your blood stream differently than most other honey varieties. The bloom time of this honey being short combined with high demand and growing only in flood prone areas make this southern gem even rarer than most varieties of honey you will find out out there.

PAIRINGS- classics like biscuits, toast, oats, tea, coffee, and sugar substitute



- 12oz

- Ingredients: Raw Tupelo Honey 


About Stubbees

Jacksonville, Florida. It all started when a boy, Justin traded his opportunity to get his first car for two beehives at age 15. His love for animals inspired him to take beekeeping as a means to support their conservation and pollination of his neighbor's crops. Soon after the cultivation of honey and attending farmers markets (even some chicken-swaps) began. From getting his first job teaching beekeeping at an herbalist shop to attending local farmers market support for his mission began to take root. Soon the demand for his honey and environmental education sprung this high school hobby into Stubbees a natural brand that would swarm local grocery and boutique shelves. In 2018 Stubbees evolved into 3 retail stores across North Florida to promote the education of good food and fresh skin care. With honey and plants in hand our mission is to double-down on the importance of bees along with the best way to promote our health and skin.

Tupelo Raw Honey by Stubbees

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