Few places on earth are drier than a hospital - and after a few day with little sleep and labor (hello!), you can bet your lips are going to need some TLC. This lip scrub is specially formulated with tons of moisturizing power from rockstar ingredients like jojoba oil, shea butter, and sweet almond oil.



- 1 oz. glass jar


About Babe & Body

Miami, Florida. AboutBabe and BodyI was super pregnant and obsessing over everything but myself. But having a happy and healthy baby can mean being a happy and healthy mama. I committed to taking an extra 5 minutes per day to do something just for me. I was having a Christmas baby which means my stretched skin was flaky and dry. I felt like a bloated crocodile. I devoted my 5 minutes of me time on scrubbing the heck out of my skin, which just made it drier, so I also investing in all types of lotions and creams. Then one day I got lotion on my toothbrush, and stared at it for a long time. I realized I had no idea what the ingredients on the label meant, and didn’t want to put that thing back in my mouth even after thoroughly rinsing it. So why was I putting this stuff on my face and body? Was my baby getting exposure to any of it? Eventually having learned enough about essential oils, extracts, natural preservatives and moisturizers, I had something other moms wanted and created Babe and Body. Exactly as it sounds, it’s meant for your babe and your body. You should never be afraid to go near your baby just because of the beauty and bath products you use. We want you to be comfortable in your new mom skin and to glow inside and out.

Hospital Lips Minty Moisturizing Lip Scrub by Babe & Body

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