Do you have a little one or friend who loves stuffed animals and marine life? Then make sure to get them a one of a kind manatee! Manatees come with unique scar patterns, just like those in the wild! 

All orders come with a unique fact about the species: 
"Did you know that manatees have unique scars that can identify individuals? Just like our fingerprints!"



- 6" handmade crochet manatee plush

- each manatee has a unique scar


About The Little Manatee. St. Petersburg, FL. 

Welcome to The Little Manatee, a handmade shop! As a marine stranding biologist, I have worked with a variety of sea turtle and cetacean species, as well as Sirenia. My work as a marine biologist has allowed me to not only to assist in the conservation of these threatened and endangered species, but also instill a love of the environment with children and families through outreach. I hope to engage marine conservation discussions through my work, with each item purchased highlighting a fun fact about the featured species!

Crochet Manatee Plush by The Little Manatee

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