Our signature Citrus Bath Bombs are back on the shelves in some yummy flavors! Hand made with Pure Essential Oils and Epsom salts, you will be sure to get an energizing pick me up ! Use in a bathtub or foot basin with warm water and watch it fizz, releasing all our delicious signature blends! Epsom salts help reduce swelling and pain so they are a perfect treat at the end of hard day



- Creamsicle

- 0.2 lb

- 4"x4"x4"


About The Parisian Hostess

Vero Beach, Florida. The Parisian Hostess is a small batch creator of easy to use products made with 100% pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils for your Home and Body. Every product is hand made in the United States by The Parisian Hostess Family with the goal of helping people take control of their own health and well being without the use of prescription medications and chemical infused products. Our product line strives to use ingredients that have all natural or organic bases with essential oil sourcing coming from the best locations around the globe. Tamara Darress, Owner, is readily available to answer your questions about Essential Oils and how they can help you in your daily lives via email or phone. If you are local, stop into The Parisian Hostess Boutique located on Historic Main Street Vero Beach for one on one assistance with Essential Oils as well as to shop our fabulous Parisian Inspired clothing, jewelry and furniture.

Creamsicle Citrus Bath Bomb by The Parisian Hostess

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