Dog mammas oven baked treats - berry banana coco chunk. Made with anti-oxidant rich, big, juicy, plump organic blueberries you can see in each treat. Sweet bananas and crispy coconut flakes are mixed in with a dash of cinnamon and it is a super yummy, fruity delight!


Size: 8 oz.


ALL 100% USDA Organic Certified

Ingredients: Blueberries Bananas Coconut Chunks Brown Rice Flour Honey Chia seed Coconut Oil Cinnamon


About Dog Mama's

Stuart, Florida. What makes us different? We make it all by hand, baked to order in our own bakery just for dogs. We start each day early and with intention ~ mixing, cutting, baking and packaging our treats. At Dog Mamma’s we believe that what we feed our dogs does matter to their health and well-being and we believe in the right to know what is in our pet’s food. “We” are a husband and wife team. I do all the baking each day and my husband comes in to package, box and ship your orders. In a world of co-packers, private label brands, and mega manufacturers...we are a homemade, by hand company. From the labels on our bags, to each and every treat we bake and ship from our bakery. We use only 100% USDA organic certified ingredients in all of our treats. Just Real Food. You’ll never find any artificial ingredients, corn, wheat or soy, preservatives or chemicals in our treats. We proudly bake our treats in our own canine bakery in Stuart, Florida. We put a little piece of our heart in each bag of treats that we mix, bake, and package. From our bakery to your dog. Just deliciously simple, wholesome goodness for your dog. You’ll only find healthy choices in our cookies. Super foods like golden delicious Pumpkin, anti-oxidant rich Kale, vitamin packed Butternut Squash, plump, juicy Blueberries, and sweet Bananas, Carrots and Coconuts - every bite in each tasty recipe is packed full of beneficial fruits and vegetables that dogs love. Treat your dog to something better.


Berry Banana Coco Chunk Oven Baked Treats by Dog Mama's

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