COVID Catch Up with Stubbees

If you are familiar with our seasonal coffee menu items you know we love us some Stubbees honey! We exclusively use Stubbees honey in all of our yummy coffee drinks and is our honey brand of choice for retail as well. Stubbees is a family run and operated business in Jacksonville and this family is just such a delight for us to work with which is why we chose Justin for our second COVID Catch Up interview. One of Stubbees' brick-and-mortar locations is in the heart of Jacksonville Beach which made headline news when they reopened their beaches last week. Justin offers some REALLY great insight on how consumers are reacting to the slow re-opening of our economy.

If you are craving some of Stubbees' delicious whipped orange zest honey or need to stock up on some of their natural BEE-OH deodorant, be sure to check out their online shop .

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