New Smyrna Beach Vernacular T-Shirt



For every purchase of the NSB Vernacular T-shirt we will giveback $5 of each sale to The Foundation 37, a non-profit focused on "Locals Helping Locals".


Currently contributions will be utilized in NSB to help individuals who are employed in NSB and have a validated hardship (utility bills, rent, food, etc) caused by current events. We ❤️ NSB and such a huge part of that is being the community that wants to help one another. 

Supporting Us

First of all we want to say Thank you to everyone that's reached out to us to ask how they can help support us and our small business during this devastating time. We appreciate our "Florida Local" community we've built so much and want nothing more than to be back sharing coffees, seeing you gathered around the table in the Living Room (yes the plants miss you too), and chatting about what's new in NSB.


This is a devastating and scary time for small businesses. As most of you know we've only been open for 8 months and have poured our heart, soul, and savings into starting The Florida Local. The concept behind the store has always been to support local by offering you artisan products from across the state that are unique and handcrafted, by doing so this means that we order in small batch quantities and there is a maker out there that crafts each one. What this also means is that we don't have thousands of products that we can sell online during this time to makeup for lost revenue. (We are uploading what inventory we do have currently).

So we've been brainstorming and have decided to come up with a LIMITED release of Florida Local products during this time. These will all have their own fun story, be unique, and will help show how much we all love NSB, being a local, and supporting small business. Each product will be available on a donation level that you feel like contributing to help keep the shop and business operating during this time of hardship. We can't thank you enough for supporting us during this time and we hope to be back soon and better than ever! #supportsmyrna 


The Florida Local Shop Print 

Minimum Donation



This will be a fun limited release print of The Florida Local shop in collaboration with Jelly Press! Hopefully this print will remind you of all the great times and coffee you've shared at the shop or your fondest memories of New Smyrna Beach. 

Custom Florida Local Yeti

Minimum Donation



We love having morning coffee in our Yeti mug, and what better way then to have your very own custom one! This Yeti will have a Florida Local design with a support Smyrna slogan AND when you bring the mug in you'll get .50 cents of any coffee drink of your choice! This is a mug that just keeps giving!

Set of Ceramic Mugs/Tumblers

Minimum Donation

Set of Two 



We are offering our custom ceramic mugs or tumblers as a set in a limited release color! This is a collaborative artisan product with Lauren Ytterbom, each one is hand thrown/glazed and these ceramic beauties are a work of art. You can keep one and give one to a friend or we won't blame you if you keep them all to yourself either!  

Buy a Personalized Brick

Minimum Donation 



Your personalized brick will be engraved and hand placed into a part of a large NSB brickscape in our sidelot in front of the Florida Local mural. Your brick will commemorate a donation to The Florida Local and hold a special memory in New Smyrna Beach, FL. 

**There will be a limited amount of these bricks available due to the size of the brickscape. This is a one time campaign and all bricks must be sold before we can start installation. There will be no profanity or political messages allowed on the bricks. This is a one time campaign and all brick must be sold before we can start installation. We do not own the property and this is subject to future rental agreements. 

New Smyrna Cuff or Charm

Minimum Donation 



This will be a collaborative with Southern Wild Handcrafted, jewelry that tells your story and connects you to places. This NSB piece will mean something different to everyone, what's your Smyrna Story?